Born as a rapid prototyping tool, the additive approach has passed an experimental and artisanal phase to arrive at an industrial production philosophy that has no equal in terms of design freedom, production possibilities and production flexibility. For 10 years, ZARE has been interpreting 3D printing as a set of industrial technologies at the service of critical projects.

Additive Manufacturing is the production process that allows you to create elements by adding material and not removing it, without molds and minimizing waste.
The starting point is the ideas not the blocks to be excavated. This represents the great conceptual innovation that makes AM one of the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 and the ideal answer to the needs of highly innovative sectors.

The story of ZARE

With over 50 years of experience in the field of precision mechanics, since 2009 ZARE has taken the path of industrial 3D printing and, in particular, to the demands of the most critical fields such as aerospace, motorsport and oil & gas.

The deep knowledge of materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies have allowed the company to specialize in rapid prototyping and production of functional components thanks to post-process services, finishing and re-engineering essential for the realization of the perfect additive component.

Why rely on a specialized service?

A service is a supply chain element that can be considered superfluous especially when the size of a company or a project is such as to guarantee the possibility of purchasing a plant. Yet, using a service can bring significant benefits in a variety of use cases and application areas.

Our fleet of industrial-class plants exploit all the main additive technologies: DMLS, SLS, FDM, HP Multi Jet Fusion and PolyJet. A large number of machineries is essential not only to quickly dispose of orders, but also allows us to be more productive, bringing industrial additive manufacturing closer to the mass production model and to quickly remedy any crashes.

Such a large amount of equipment allows us to use the machines even with a single material, greatly optimizing the times otherwise prolonged by dust change. Speed is not the only benefit that comes from it because the presence of single-material systems allows at the same time to minimize the pollution of powders and to manufacture elements of the same jobs even if composed of different materials.

Additive Manufacturing is not just printing a file. More likely, each technology requires specific skills. Although FDM and HP MJF are relatively less complex, when machines are involved in the production of functional elements, the operator’s experience becomes a discriminating element. The practice gained in the field has made our employees capable of carrying out a perfect machine setting that guarantees the best results in terms of quality, productivity and relative economy. The software developed for this purpose can represent an useful support but it is the operator’s competence and the daily operations that make the difference. The activity of contractors specialized in the production of large numbers imposes the maximum exploitation of the potential of the plants and in this sense our work contributes to process of full industrialization of the sector.

A constant update to be always on the cutting edge

The additive manufacturing sector is constantly growing, every day more and more companies are interested in the world of 3D printing, facing the scene prepared and structured to withstand the competition. In order to keep up with industry innovations, constant updating of the Factory is essential.

The machine park is constantly evolving, Zare is one of the very few industrial additive manufacturing services to provide the Concept Laser X Line 2000R metal sintering system that exploits a working chamber of 800x400x500 mm to sinter metal into pieces monolithic of large volume.

The update also takes place in the opening of new and innovative departments such as the Research and Development Center and the Quality Control and Testing Department, recently inaugured thanks to the expansion of the factory.
The first, launched at the end of summer 2017, was an obligatory choice to continue to be the partner who, together with the customer, finds the perfect solution for the application. Dealing with critical areas of application, despite the possibilities set by manufacturers, there is a large margin of customization both when it comes to alloys and printing parameters.

In the last few months Zare has equipped itself with a Quality Control and Testing Center which is used to guarantee the conformity of the components with the client’s requests. Owning an internal department lie this allows to shorten the supply chain and ensures greater attention to the checks carried out on the components as they are designed and based exclusively on the AM.

To this date, the company has achieved a further and fundamental goal: the installation of two CNC 5 Axis GF centers Mikron MILL P500 U with a robotized island and a CNC 5 Axis GF center Mikron MILL P800 U D. Zare is the first Italian service to introduce the concept of Additive Integration™, combining 3D printing and CNC machines. It will be possible for designers to have a supply chain reduced to a minimum but, above all, to design components that are the result of the integration of a single cognitive and productive process. Time is proving that additive and subtractive are not in competition but represent two compatible and complementary productive visions, capable of satisfying the demand for light and complex components.

The certifications obtained by ZARE

In the process of constant renewal of the company, a central role is played by the pursuit of important certifications attesting to a correct management of the processes (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) and compliance with the standards necessary to operate in critical production sectors, such as aerospace (prEN 9100:2016) or automotive (IATF 16949).
The certification is not a “quality stamp” or a trophy to be exhibited in the meeting room but a path to continuous renewal and an internal challenge to be even more motivated to improve. The certification is the reason that leads the company to move in a more functional and efficient way: it is the base from which to build a structured industrial activity. We always say that the additive manufacturing sector is competitive and stimulating for the players that gravitate around it. To be at the top, a continuous update is essential and the certifications represent a fundamental part of our growth path. In conclusion, these documents are a testimony of the commitment shared by all the departments that work every day to ensure quality, efficiency and effectiveness for every component that leaves our Factory.