Series production, the maximum expression of industrial 3D printers

The possibility of using a large number of printers for industrial production makes it possible to take full advantage of 3D metal printing. However, especially when the production purpose is obtaining a functional element, there are critical issues in the commissioning of these systems that go beyond the complexity of use: they sink into the company structure necessary to squeeze the most of the machine tools of the new industrial revolution.

The AM Production Factory - Zare

When to choose a service with industrial 3D printers

A service specialized in industrial 3d printing makes it possible to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and of a large number of systems and materials that are set up and used following special processes; these processes have been studied, developed, and tested to achieve the maximum result.

Using a service can bring a real added value, especially when:

  • the piece is functional;
  • couplings and tolerances are critical;
  • time is a determining factor;
  • the materials are not always identical;
  • the project requires materials with particular characteristics and/or high performance.

Our production plant has 25 industrial-grade additive manufacturing systems, supported by the analysis laboratory and the quality control and testing department, both in-house, created to meet the increasingly stringent needs of the sector.

About half of the industrial 3d printers that are part of Zare’s Factory are dedicated to the production of final functional metal components. Working with metal means being certain of delivering perfect elements in terms of tolerances and couplings, even after mechanical machining.

Zare is the Italian service that, with additive integration, combines additive manufacturing and CNC machines thanks to modern 5-axis CNC machining centers that work alongside industrial 3d printers.

The AM Production Factory - Zare

A large number of plants is essential not only to dispose of more orders: it is strongly linked to quality.

Several of our facilities are mono-material. This obviously makes it possible to be more productive but, more importantly, to reduce dust pollution to a minimum and to be able to manufacture elements of the same order, even if of different materials.

An industrial quality service

The concept of quality is complex and concerns all aspects of daily life at the Factory. Quality implies rigorous processes, continuous updating, repeatability and constant checks. That’s why an important role is played by certifications such as prEN 9100:2016, for companies operating in the aerospace supply chain, and IATF 16949, for companies operating in the automotive industry.

Each department must work with a view to sharing data and reference metrics in order to ensure a total replicability of the processing for 20 years.

The certifications impose and certify rigorous quality standards, organized and efficient processes with guaranteed and repeatable results, and continuous improvement aimed at preventing defects and reducing variations.

Industrial 3d printers are among the most advanced machine tools

Industrial 3D printers, even more than professional 3D printers, are among the most advanced machine tools proposed today by the market. A machine tool is an aid to production, even industrial, conceptually far from a smoky possibility in the future or from a low-cost tool to carry out experiments. A machine tool requires specialized personnel, requires training time and process refinement times; all this within a new and effervescent sector like that of additive manufacturing. A specialized service with industrial 3d printers that is structured, organized and managed with the methods of a factory, guarantees a certain and immediate result.

Metal 3D printing System - Xline 2000R Zare

The Additive Manufacturing Production Factory

Zare is a factory, we are the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory. We are organized and structured in departments, we follow codified procedures and constantly refined by the manager to quality. We are subject to constant audits by both the certification body and, more importantly, by the production managers of some notoriously demanding customers who are attentive to manufacturing methods.
The result is a production that expresses the maximum potential of 3d printing technologies.