Additive Integration: mechanical processing on components made by 3D metal printing

The fall brought an important innovation to our company: the arrival of two CNC 5 Axis GF centers Mikron MILL P500 U D with robotized island and a Mikron MILL P800 U D that will allow Zare to be the first Italian service to combine 3D printing and CNC machines. The plant is already functioning: we cannot wait to take the path of Additive Integration.

Our 5 Axis GF Mikron MILL CNC machining center with robotized island allow designers to have a minimized supply chain but, above all, to design components that are the result of the integration of a single cognitive and productive process.

Every day the designers choose additive manufacturing to achieve otherwise impossible shapes.
Each day they recognize in these technologies a significant source of opportunities and advantages for specific uses for which traditional processing techniques are less suitable.

We relate with the designers who have sensed that the additive manufacturing industry makes real the promise of being able to produce lighter and more performing components while maintaining the same performance of the pieces obtained with traditional production methods.

Lavorazioni Meccaniche su stampa 3d metalli

However, if we introduce the concepts of precision and mechanical quality we enter into the tolerance and roughness field, characteristics that the additive manufacturing plants are not yet able to guarantee for the realization of high precision projects. CNC machining through high-performance machine tools becomes an indispensable task to combine the advantages of additive design with the perfect accuracy required by critical applications.

Operating in the additive industry sector has directed us towards "lean production", allowing us to build a lean FACTORY, instinctively reactive to problems and aimed at minimize waste. In Zare RAPID connects to PRECISE, PUNCTUAL and CONFIDENTIAL.

Lavorazioni Meccaniche su stampa 3d metalli

There are some obvious aspects that led us to set up a CNC machining department equipped with an important 5-axis GF Mikron MILL CNC system, which is joined by the recruitment of dedicated and specialized personnel. These are aspects aimed at guaranteeing the customer the fastest time to market and the shortest and easiest supply chain possible.
The system is designed to guarantee high performance, power, dynamism and absolute precision, in other words it is a structure sewn on the needs of the most critical sectors and the most complex requests that we face day after day.

But there are other, perhaps less obvious, aspects.

Time is proving that additive and subtractive are not in competition but, on the contrary, represent two highly compatible and complementary production visions, capable of helping to satisfy the demand for light components and products and increasingly complex geometries. The flexibility of 3D printing and the CNC processes allow to bring to market more efficient products, made more efficiently and faster.

Considering them as two disconnected methodologies limits the engineering possibilities and, above all, prevents us from grasping how their integration can give life to a SINGLE, SEQUENTIAL, FAST and SECRET production process.

Lavorazioni Meccaniche su stampa 3d metalli

We are the additive service that SHORTNES the SUPPLY CHAIN even further, making the continuity between additive and subtractive processing possible.

We are the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory that, in order to make the most of future technologies, capitalises a past closely linked to precision mechanics in a present of deep integration among revolutionary ideas, know-how and cutting edge systems.

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