Metal 3D printing: Industrial additive manufacturing technology for functional parts in the final material

Metal Sintering is the most innovative and advanced technology available today: a laser fuses powdered metals producing metal end-use parts

Metal powders are produced using atomizers designed to offer the best particle size for SLM/DLMS production. The production process starts with a 3D file specifically re-engineered for additive manufacturing. Optimizing the file is crucial: it allows us to use the peculiarities of our production plant and materials at their best, in order to obtain high quality products.

For industrial sectors it's important to guarantee:

  • quick lead times
  • high quality
  • confidentiality

Thanks to our 50-year history in the field of precision mechanics we have developed a special sensitiveness towards what we are manufacturing: the technology may be different, but the raw material and our accuracy when dealing with DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCES and surface finishing haven't changed.

Materials for metal 3D printing

There are several materials available for metal 3D printing, some of them are precious metals; they offer peculiar mechanical properties and specific response to heat treatment to best suit the intended use of the product. The materials available include high-performing materials like Scalmalloy®, developed by Airbus' APWorks or Alloy 263, but also widely used alloys such as Titanium, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Inconel. The technology doesn’t change with the material, what changes is the pre-production process: all the steps we take to obtain the best result possibile.

Metal Additive Manufacturing allows to calculate the geometries of the product so to significantly reduce its weight without affecting its strength. The final product will have the same physical and mechanical properties obtained with a traditional manufacturing process, but the flexibility that characterizes our pre-production process offers important advantages, in particular in fields such as aeronautics, motor sports, extreme sports, aerospace.

Biomedical sector

Metal prototyping is also suitable for the medical sector. Our MEDICAL DIVISION department is entirely dedicated to the production of dental and medical prototypes; the models produced by our Medical Division are customized, biocompatible and certified for a medical use. We have expanded the range of machines available in our department with a brand new Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R, a production system where a laser fuses metal powders. This new machine is perfect for manufacturing parts with very complex structures and it offers a very high surface quality for small parts. This is ideal for the medical and dental sector, especially when using a material like Dentaurum’s Cobalt-Chrome Remanium Star CL.

Metal rapid prototyping: Zare the AM Production Factory

Our industrial 3d metal printing factory is among the most varied and supplied of Italy. We can lean on:

  • Concept Laser X LINE 2000R
    >> Here is details of the potential of this large size plant.
  • FOUR Concept Laser M2 cusing Multilaser
  • Concept Laser M2 cusing
  • Renishaw AM250
  • Concept Laser Mlab cusing R
  • SLM Solution SLM 280

A large number of plants allows us to minimize the changes of material and introducing very important advantages in terms of lead time,both for planned production lots and the urgent ones to solve critical needs.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to bring the margin of error to zero.
The implant may be subject to unforeseen situations as well as the operator could make a mistake.
The large number of plants give us the opportunity to define a process that allows the re-insertion of non-compliant parts into production immediately to avoid delays on delivery terms.